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From what we saw in recent years, the online business received a massive BOOM as a result of the pandemic.

Thousands of businesses had to move & make themselves visible online to their audience… And this opened a lot of opportunities for marketers & online entrepreneurs like you.

This is going to continue in 2023 - We'll see more profitable opportunities for online marketers.

And here's one to look out for — E-learning.

People have adjusted to the new lifestyle of learning from home…

You can trust that I didn't make this up, there are strong facts that support this.

According to YouTube, more hours are spent watching educational & DIY video contents now than before.

The online education provider Coursera (who uses videos as a big part of their training) is also now worth 1 billion dollars!

Udemy's marketplace sells tons courses to the masses and their net worth is close to 1 billion dollars!

E-Learning is the future.....

According to Global E-Learning market, the E-Learning industry is to reach $325 billion by 2025 from $107 Billion in 2015 (Forbes).

In 2013,, the online learning giant and arguably the 800-pound gorilla in the e-learning space, had just accepted $103 million in venture funds.

Two years later, in 2015, they were acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 Billion. It is now called LinkedIn Learning.


Even Fortune 500 Companies like Shell,
Coca-Cola, Toyota, Paypal, and Home Depot
are not left out

Even Fortune 500 Companies like Shell,
Coca-Cola, Toyota, Paypal, and Home Depot
are not left out

They introduced games and apps to teach their employees.
Coca-Cola said that a little over half of the people used the app

Toyota Motor Europe has been using eLearning to train over
18,000 motor technicians and engineers since 2005.

Paypal created private group and invited experts to help
employees or teach short classes. As the global online travel market continues to grow, decided to implement corporate e-Learning solutions to help rookies develop their technical skills.

Using online tutoring, the company immediately saw an increase in engagement of workers who on average spend 5+ hours learning on the platform.

Traditional educational approaches like colleges and universities, in addition to corporate training departments, are embracing the digital reality - from using online platforms to leveraging VR and AR for training.

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